KOTA KINABALU: The resumption of “tamu” or the weekly market will help the economy of rural villagers, said Parti Warisan Sabah vice president Datuk Junz Wong.

“The tamu throughout Sabah is not only a distinct uniqueness of Sabah but is also a primary income for many rural villagers, whereby their produces are sold enabling them to make a living.

“In short, it is a major source of income for traditional farmers, planters and breeders. They depend on this income for a living,” he said in a statement.

Wong, who is the former State Agriculture and Food Industry Minister, added, if enclosed areas like malls could be opened, there was no reasons open air and space at “tamu” could not be reopened.

 - (Pictures are pre-Covid).  - NSTP/ OLIVIA MIWIL
– (Pictures are pre-Covid). – NSTP/ OLIVIA MIWIL

“All the government has to do is think outside the box and prepare the standard operating procedures (SOP) like temperature checks, sanitisers and so forth.”

Meanwhile, Sabah daily Covid-19 cases today have dropped below the 1,000 mark when it recorded 962 cases.

State Covid-19 spokesperson Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun said it was still too early to predict whether the downward trend would continue.


 - (Pictures are pre-Covid) - NSTP/ OLIVIA MIWIL
– (Pictures are pre-Covid) – NSTP/ OLIVIA MIWIL

“Close contacts remain the main contributors of overall cases by contributing 492 or 51.1 per cent (of the infections).

“The high number of close contacts is a reminder for us to continue following the SOP (to prevent from getting infected).”

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