Message From Our Party President

"In God We Trust, Unite We Must"

Dato Seri Panglima Mohd Shafie Bin Haji Apdal`

I always believe that the strength of our nation does not lie on the height of our skyscrapers, the might of our army or the size of our economy. Our strength lies in our diversity.

Malaysians are diverse in many ways. From our religion to our ethnicity, from our food to our clothing, from our culture to our tradition. Being diverse do not make us weak, it made us stronger instead. It is our diversity that made us unique and made us strive better as a nation.

However, in recent years, our tolerance towards this unique diversity has been severely tested. There are people who have been using our differences as a wedge to divide us. This is one thing that we absolutely cannot compromise on.

We cannot allow the voices of these bigots to take over the voice of reason in this country. We surely cannot allow these extremists to roam our airwaves and continue to poison the minds of our people.

If we continue to allow this to happen, we have failed to honour  the legacy of our forefathers in preserving their premise of our great nation, especially for our future generations.

As Warisan embarks on its journey at the national level, widening its wings across the South China Sea, our aim remains the same. We are here to build a nation, not a particular race or religion.

The 15th General Election will happen in 2022, less than 8 months away. This PRU will chart the course of our country for many years to come. We are at the juncture where we will either make it or break it, as a nation.

Because of that, Warisan will strive to push for justice, equity, diversity and inclusivity in all its policy and strategy. As these values should form as the foundation of our country.

Warisan will champion the need for structural reforms to fix to the many ills, faced by the Rakyat. Warisan will continue to champion the rights of minorities as they are also an integral part of our community.

Warisan will frame its administration needs and national strategy through the eyes of our children and future generation. Simply because we are not here just to win elections, we strive to be here to build a better nation.

As Warisan embarks on its odyssey at the national level, we ask for your prayer, support and blessing. Let us all work together to bring our nation back to its finest moment.

Salam Perpaduan,



17 DECEMBER 2021

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