About Us

The word Warisan means heritage in the Malay language. Parti Warisan was established to create a platform of Unity where the people of Malaysia with its diverse heritage can stand together for the nation.

 The main goal of Warisan is to strive for the welfare of our multi-racial and multi-ethnic Malaysians. It aims to create an inclusive, progressive, dynamic and scientific Malaysian society as well as to value art, culture and tradition.

Warisan seeks to champion policies related to the economy and employment; health and education; governance and institutional reform; and environmental sustainability, to create a more progressive Malaysia. Warisan also strongly believes in empowering the citizens of Malaysia to freely use their voice.

Anyone and everyone can be a part of the Parti Warisan and its mission. You dont have to be a politician or an activist — just a Malaysian who loves and cares about your country. Subscribe to the Warisan platform to keep up with our activities and join us to revolutionize Malaysia! Lets bring Malaysia back up where it belongs !

Entering The National Fray

To provide the much needed alternative to the other national based political parties, Parti Warisan has rebranded itself to become a party that will fight for the right of all Malaysian. A moderate but yet progressive multi-racial party, Parti Warisan is a viable choice for all Malaysians.